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Hip Arthrosis

Hip arthrosis or coxarthrosis is a degenerative disease of the coxofemoral joint: it affects the entire joint, the bones and muscles that are part of it and the connective tissue. It is more frequent in overweight women and patients, although some factors that aggravate the phenomenon can be recognized (work performed, loss of calcium in the bones, joint shape and postural attitude). Hip arthrosis is manifested by groin pain that often radiates to the anterior-internal area of the thigh up to the knee. At the beginning, the pain manifests itself only during the application of load on the joint, while in the last stages the discomfort is also felt during rest and especially at night. In the case of hip arthrosis, a well-done rehabilitation treatment aims at reducing pain, recovering joint movement, restoring an active life and slowing down the evolution of the disease.