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Severe acquired brain injury: early verticalisation using Erigo©

Is it useful to subject people who have suffered a severe acquired brain injury to early rehabilitation treatment? One hypothesis is to start this treatment already in an intensive care setting, followed by early transfer to high speciality intensive rehabilitation wards, with care by an experienced, multi-professional rehabilitation team. Among the first objectives in which the physiotherapist plays an essential role is that of recovering the patient's uprightness, overcoming the initial problems of a neurovegetative nature and in any case regardless of the frequent concomitance of serious deficit of consciousness (vegetative state or state of minimal consciousness) and internist instability. This work takes up the first data obtained from a study carried out on a small number of subjects with cerebral palsy who underwent conventional treatment of verticalisation on a plane by manual static (control group) and were compared with another group of subjects verticalised using the Erigo© robotic instrumentation (experimental group). The positive results obtained, in terms of earlier control of blood pressure in orthostatism, are analysed and a new multicentre experimental project being designed on the same subject is introduced.