Stress and coping styles: evaluation in healthcare professions
published in July - August 2019 - in Il Fisioterapista - issue n.4
Antonio Capodilupo, Laura Tosti

Stress due to an aspecific reaction to environmental demands, if not recognized and managed, can generate psychophysical disorders. It needs to be monitored in the work setting, since stress can cause distress to those working, loss of productivity to the organization and costs to society. Therefore, as laid down in the provisions of legislative norms, it is necessary to monitor stress periodically with objective and subjective cognitive tools, and to propose training and improvement interventions.
This study investigates the level of stress perceived by rehabilitators of a Rehabilitation Center for youth, affiliated to the national health system in Campania, and identifies the coping styles demonstrated by staff in dealing with critical situations, proposing training on the theory and practice of metaprograms.