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Edi.Ermes, founded in 1973, is a medical-scientific publisher at various levels, from textbooks for university students to those for professionals. With its production, Edi.Ermes is among the leading Italian scientific publishers.

Over the years, the medical catalogue has been enriched by numerous specialized texts, many of them at high level, appreciated in Italy and abroad: from Physiology to Anatomy, from Histology to Biology.

The University textbooks are accompanied by a wide range of digital resources available on the Virtual Campus platform: insights, animations, online lectures and self-assessment tests.

Based on the experience gained over the years, Sport&Medicina was born in 1984, a trimonthly journal leading the field of sports medicine, distributed to sports physicians, traumatologists, cardiologists, physi-atrists and, in the technical field, to graduates in motor sciences, masseurs, kinesiologists and athletic trainers.

In 1995, Edi.Ermes launched the publication of the journal Il Fisioterapista, which received favorable en-dorsements from rehabilitation professionals (physiatrists, physiotherapists, rehabilitation specialists, massage therapists, kinesiologists, etc.) and associations working in the field.

For several years now, Edi.Ermes has been making considerable efforts and substantial investments in the field of both residential and distance learning.

As part of the residential training, it organizes courses and conferences for health professionals as a CME provider accredited by the Ministry of Health.

As far as the distance learning is concerned, in addition to using the traditional tools of the publishing world, Edi.Ermes has implemented a platform to supply content via web allowing the use of asynchronous content and assisted by tutors and a technical help desk service.

In 2022, Edi.Ermes, which has been a benchmark in the Italian medical-scientific sector for fifty years, became part of the LSWR publishing group, alongside the famous Edra brand. In this way, both Edi.Ermes and Edra will expand the range of publishing tools and products that have made the two companies among the leading Italian publishers in the medical-scientific sector for decades, both in Italy and internationally.

Books weigh a lot: yet, those who eat them and put them in their bodies live in the clouds”. Luigi Pirandello

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