Cervicogenic headache: review on the efficacy of the high-velocity manipulation
published in January - February 2017 - in Il Fisioterapista - issue n.1
Giovanni Maccagni, Giovanni Rabaiotti, Nicola Lovecchio

The headache is a pain condition that affects a lot of people over the world, sometimes becoming a heavy disability. Indeed, the headache is one of the principal reason for absenteeism and the cost for therapy or doctor’s visit is huge.
This review è aims to evaluate the high-velocity manual manipulation’s effectiveness as a resolutive technique in cervical headache. In particular, the results on pain intensity, frequency and level of disability were considered.
Our analysis verified that the high-velocity manipulation seems be useful for cervical-headache. Further studies are needed for evaluating its effects in association with other manual tecniques/exercise and for determining which posology could lead to best results.