Plantar fasciopathy: which imaging for the best diagnosis?
published in January - February 2017 - in Il Fisioterapista - issue n.1
Mauro Branchini, Mirco Branchini

Plantar fasciopathy is characterized by pain in the insertion on the medial process of the calcaneal tuberosity. iT can be intense with important functional limitation AND it arises acutely with the first steps in the morning and decreases during exercise.
The diagnosis of plantar fasciopathy is basically clinical. The imaging with conventional radiology, ultrasound and elastosonography allow to achieve greater diagnostic accuracy. MRI represents the gold standard for the study of the plantar fascia and for evaluationing intra and perifascial tissues degenerative process, allowing to identify or rule out other underlying conditions.
A specific and proper identification of the situation achievedthrough medical history, clinical investigation and integrated imaging lead to plan a tailored rehabilitation path, with shorter and optimal time for the patient.