Narrative Medicine to assess the impact of facial
paralysis on patient’s quality of life

published in January - February 2024 - in Il Fisioterapista - issue n.1
Anna Barberino, Manuela Vanoli, Fabrizio Gervasoni, Rossella Pagani, Antonino Michele Previtera

The face, through facial expressions, facilitates interpersonal communication and the expression of emotions. A facial deficit resulting from a lesion of the 7th cranial nerve (facial nerve) can result in an impairment of the patient’s quality of life, from both functional and subjective wellbeing perspectives. The purpose of this study is to investigate, through Narrative Medicine the illness experience of the patient with facial palsy and compare it to the score obtained on the Facial Disability Index (FDI), a validated scale that quantifies the impact of facial deficit on quality of life.