Anterior cruciate ligament injury: influence
of psychosocial factors on the rehabilitation pathway

published in May - June 2021 - in Il Fisioterapista - issue n.3
Valentina Toscano

In the case of an acute anterior cruciate ligament injury, during the interview of the patient - especially if it is a person who practises sport - when collecting the personal data it is important to integrate it with an in-depth evaluation of psychosocial factors. For the purposes of cognitive-behavioural therapy and patient education, it is necessary to understand how the patient is coping with the situation. This can be done by means of self-administered questionnaires. One needs also to know what the patient’s needs are, in order to weigh up the advantages and risks of an early – as opposed to a delayed - return to sport, and whether the person's expectations are in line with what can realistically be expected.