Patients with post-COVID syndrome: telemedicine and telerehabilitation
published in May - June 2021 - in Il Fisioterapista - issue n.3
Lucia Romano Bernardini, Beatrice Sironi, Fabrizio Gervasoni, Vincenzo Ricci, Arnaldo Andreoli, Antonino Michele Previtera

During the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, many hospitals and healthcare facilities implemented or enhanced telemedicine, telemonitoring and teleconsultation services. Also in the rehabilitation field, there was a surge in the number of healthcare professionals engaged in remote rehabilitation assessments or treatments: telerehabilitation has therefore become an increasingly widespread and tested reality in various different contexts. However, it is necessary to implement principles of so-called ‘good clinical practice’ for telerehabilitation: e.g. how to set up the connection, what behaviour to maintain, what questions to ask the patient, how to carry out the examination, and so on. Telemedicine complements but cannot replace in-person health care, i.e. care provided in the presence of the patient. It has clear limits and this is an aspect to bear in mind especially in relation to patient satisfaction.