Anterior fibrosus ankle impingement syndrome
published in September - October 2019 - in Il Fisioterapista - issue n.5
Alice Tiberi

Anterolateral soft tissue impingement syndrome of the ankle is a chronic painful condition due to entrapment of hypertrophic soft tissues or torn ligaments in the lateral recess and anterolateral aspect of the ankle. Patients typically describe pain in the anterolateral aspect of the ankle or limited dorsiflexion which persists many months after an ankle sprain. They may also describe a functional instability which is secondary to soft tissue impingement rather than any true ligamentous instability. MRI scan may be the modality to confirm the diagnosis. It helps by delineating the etiology of impingement along with loose bodies, osteochondral defects and associated ligament injuries. When a bony etiology is excluded, it is classified as fibrous or soft tissue. Clinical symptomatology along with radiological evidence and a history of repeated hyper-dorsiflexion and recurrent inversion injuries are the mainstay of diagnosis.