ACL rupture: gait analysis in rehabilitation protocols
published in November - December 2019 - in Il Fisioterapista - issue n.6
Alessandra Scarton

Gait analysis (GA) is a tool created for the objective assessment of walking, but even though it is recognized as a useful method in the field of human movement research, its effectiveness in the clinical and diagnostic field is still in doubt. The non-representativeness of the gait pattern of a patient acquired in a laboratory as well as the high cost of the instrumentation required are the main reasons for this uncertainty. A solution could be provided by the use of modern portable and wearable devices for the acquisition and analysis exclusively of the spatio-temporal parameters in ecological environments. This article, through the presentation of a clinical case, shows how the study of these parameters combined with a thorough knowledge of gait biomechanics, may provide a good opportunity to promote a more widespread use of GA in the clinical and rehabilitation field.