Bicompartmental knee replacement: exercises & management
published in November - December 2019 - in Il Fisioterapista - issue n.6
Annalisa Corradini, Stefano Sorrentino

In the case of bicompartmental hip arthroplasty, different studies have shown that starting rehabilitation in the preoperative phase, with specific muscle strengthening exercises, even before undergoing surgery, leads to a better outcome in terms of knee function and strength in the postoperative phase. In fact, in the case of severe osteoarthritis, the loss of muscle strength occurs prior to the operation itself and, hence, there is a therapeutic indication to start the exercises and re-education in the preoperative phase.
Thus, it is appropriate to extend the duration of the muscle reinforcement program, expand the range of exercises, perhaps inserting tasks at higher loads and intensities, and dwell more on all the muscle groups involved and not only on the quadriceps.