Infantile colic and physiotherapy: what is the evidence?
published in November - December 2019 - in Il Fisioterapista - issue n.6
Alison Miller, Eva Maria Gasser, Carla Naletto

Infantile colic is a disorder characterized by the excessive crying of a baby, which affects many newborn infants. The definition of the syndrome itself and the causes described in the literature are unclear. To date, there are no unanimously validated guidelines in the scientific field for the management of this condition. However, these infants are often referred to a physiotherapist for treatment. Despite being benign and self-limiting, infantile colic has numerous negative consequences for the newborn child and the family. Here we critically review the literature regarding the musculoskeletal treatments proposed for the management of the phenomenon, in order to understand if they have a significant effect on improving symptoms. Due to the poor quality of most of the included studies, it is not possible to assert either the efficacy or the ineffectiveness of any of the proposed interventions. Hence, there is a need for qualitatively more valid studies.