Aquatic therapy & infantile cerebral palsy
published in November - December 2019 - in Il Fisioterapista - issue n.6
Virginia Colibazzi, Adriano Coladonato

Infantile Cerebral Palsy (ICP) is a group of permanent disorders of neurological development resulting from a permanent and non-progressive lesion to the developing brain. Primary impairments associated with ICP include reduced muscle strength and cardio-respiratory function with consequent limitations in daily life activities. There are a wide range of therapeutic interventions used to treat this pathology. Scientific evidence supports the use of physical and occupational therapy to increase muscle strength and resistance as well as overall joint mobility, and to improve functional mobility and social participation. Aquatic therapy represents an alternative to conventional treatment. In this last issue of 2019, in this section we provide an update on the evidence available on the topic.