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Special – From hospital to territory

From the management of the rehabilitation ward by the multidisciplinary team to the new cultural and organisational framework related to the management of chronic diseases: what happens during hospitalization in rehabilitation and what should be expected when returning home? Multidisciplinary rehabilitation and physiotherapist case-manager.

Uro-gynaecological prevention: awareness and pelvic floor gymnastics as educational tools

Reduced awareness and perception of the perineal musculature leads many women to neglect the pelvic floor with possible muscular dysfunctions, first and foremost urinary incontinence. From this emerges the need to promote prevention interventions, even in adolescence at school level: to this end, a study was conducted that demonstrated the effectiveness of a proposal based on information and practice of perineal exercises.

Concussion: from early recognition to return to...

From 2016 to today the incidence of concussion is reaching significant values. It is a high-risk and unpredictable injury both in sport and in everyday life and which can be caused by domestic and road accidents, occupational and sports injuries, physical violence. The numbers of concussive events are around 1.6-3.8 million annually during sport and recreational activities. The growing "epidemic" of concussions in recent years reflects the increased concern of patients and their families, caused by the overabundance of both information on the subject that is often poorly evidence-based and of providers offering miraculous post-concussion treatments. The world of post-Concussion therapies is described as the “wild west”, a term that clearly highlights the need to create appropriate therapeutic standards.

Carpal tunnel syndrome: manual therapy and peripheral nervous system mobilization

Is the most frequent entrapment neuropathy and it affects the median nerve: many studies have compared the different therapies available for a conservative management. In this one, an experimental manual therapy protocol involving a global patient approach was tested.