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Elderly subjects: role of technology in plan of continuity of care between hospital and home.

The challenge facing the more fragile elderly population at the level of social and health policies concern in particular the determination of the best treatment path for the patient: an integrated approach between classic rehabilitation techniques and more technologically advanced systems could guide patient management from the hospital to the home environment, resulting in an improvement in the patient's lifestyle and an increase in his/her autonomy.

Cervical radiculopathy caused by a disc herniation

Cervical radiculopathy is a problem characterized by a dysfunction of a cervical nerve root caused by different pathogenetic mechanisms: it can be characterized by nerve conduction deficits (negative symptoms) such as hypostenia, hypoesthesia and hyporeflexia, in the presence or not of pain to one or more dermatomas. In the section dedicated to this theme, the necessary steps for the clinician to correctly manage.

Whiplash: the role of fear in the chronicity

How to deal with physiotherapy also the psychological aspects related to the whiplash and associated disorders. Infact, to avoid kinesiophobia and catastrophe it’s necessary it is also necessary to consider the reduction of fear. The proposal is centred, therefore, a targeted multimodal treatment, which also includes intensive therapeutic education and specific exercises at the cervical tract level.

Carpal tunnel syndrome: manual therapy and peripheral nervous system mobilization

Is the most frequent entrapment neuropathy and it affects the median nerve: many studies have compared the different therapies available for a conservative management. In this one, an experimental manual therapy protocol involving a global patient approach was tested.