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Robotics & Upper Limb

The application of robotic technologies represents one of the most promising perspectives in the field of physical and rehabilitative medicine. However, to date, there is insufficient evidence on the effectiveness of robotic treatments in rehabilitation due to the lack of data, the lack of a shared training program and poor inter-professional collaboration in both research and clinical. In this regard, the Santo Stefano Group, which for several years now has invested heavily in this sector, equipping itself with innovative technologies spread throughout Italy, has taken the lead in the dissemination of knowledge and skills in this field, organizing the European Robotic Rehabilitation School, promoted by the European Society for Physical & Rehabilitation Medicine: the first issue addressed concerns the upper limb.

The Italian Consensus Conference on return-to-play after lower limb muscle injury in football

The decision-making process for return to play in football is still based on expert opinion. Actually, there is no evidence-based consensus guideline in the literature in this area. Therefore, a study has been conducted to provide a framework of evidence on which to base the decision making process of return to play following muscle injury in football. With this objective in mind, the Italian Society of Arthroscopy organised a Consensus Conference in 2018 with the aim of defining the state of the art of return to play and objective criteria.

Hip Arthrosis

Hip arthrosis or coxarthrosis is a degenerative disease of the coxofemoral joint: it affects the entire joint, the bones and muscles that are part of it and the connective tissue. It is more frequent in overweight women and patients, although some factors that aggravate the phenomenon can be recognized (work performed, loss of calcium in the bones, joint shape and postural attitude). Hip arthrosis is manifested by groin pain that often radiates to the anterior-internal area of the thigh up to the knee. At the beginning, the pain manifests itself only during the application of load on the joint, while in the last stages the discomfort is also felt during rest and especially at night. In the case of hip arthrosis, a well-done rehabilitation treatment aims at reducing pain, recovering joint movement, restoring an active life and slowing down the evolution of the disease.